Metalsmithing is the art of forming and fabricating metal into (wearable) art.

The Metalworks Collection is comprised of unique, organic, handcrafted designs using sterling silver, gold, copper, brass, and bronze. 

It will mainly feature a unique combination of organic designs of cuff bracelets, textured rings, and my signature bowl rings. Every mark on each piece is an intentional organic design element and only adds to the beauty of each piece. Enjoy! 

Why the Bowl Ring?

As with many other symbols of receptivity, a bowl represents ultimate feminine wisdom and instinctive feeling. Because of its connection with instinctive feeling and intuition, a bowl can represent the ability to see the bigger picture.

Due to the organic nature of the designs, it does mean that while your piece will be similar, it won't be exactly identical. 

For all orders in the Metalworks Collection, please allow up to 2-4 weeks for the fabrication process. 

More coming soon!